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Season 18 Schedule

After considerable discussion and testing, the schedule for Season 18 has been finalised.

This season will be held running the 1965 Carset. Handicap rankings will also be put in place to try and level the racing field a bit and promote closer racing. This season will also include a mix of racing in the rain so make sure your installs have the required mods and patches installed.

The democratic selection process has provided us with a list of tracks that are all exciting, challenging and sure to promote thrilling racing. Some of the tracks may be unfamiliar and extra practice will be rewarded but the low power of the cars mean that drafting and tactics will play a big part in being successful.

Click on the links to download each track from the Alt Track Database and don’t forget to click on the ‘SRMZ’ button (where available)  to get updates for the track. Check the schedule below for dates and race lengths. Please note that most races have been extended beyond the default Int Long race length to ensure 35-40 min races.

Also, if you are a member of this site, you can schedule email reminders of practice and race sessions. This can be done from the home page with the calendar down the left hand side of the page

Round Number Track Race Date Laps
1 Albi 6 Dec 2009 28
2 Monza 13 Dec 2009 22
3 Westwood 67 20 Dec 2009 30
4 Watkins Glen 67 27 Dec 2009 30
5 Crystal Palace 3 Jan 2010 38
6 Mosport Rain - Raining 10 Jan 2010 22
7 Falkenberg 17 Jan 2010 49
8 Pacific Raceway 24 Jan 2010 25
9 Zandvoort 31 Jan 2010 21
10 Silverstone 7 Feb 2010 24
Champs Choice Parco Valentino 14 Feb 2010 35