Driver Standings Season 17

Driver NameR1R2R3R4R5R6R7R8R9R10CCTotal
Tim Butler92412172017112424209178
Wayne Funston24201724014242092415176
David French130151215242017201711153
Craig Burns12159101313141213158126
Sean Mahon14121111915179151017123
Leon Gritter01713141001515171424115
Mike Holland201320131700141407111
Simon Brookman01410812111281291296
Craig Leech00242024200000088
Leigh Stokes1511141514001300082
Rolf Salz0009111210008050
Mathew Judson0000810910110648
Göran Jonsson00000013010132036
Ron Clegg17900700000033
Daniel Judson11100000000111032
Robin Jeffery0000000110121323
Joe Wild10000000700017
Craig Larkin0000600000146

Final Driver standings for Season 17

Short Season Points Table

All Starters in a race will be awarded points as follows:

1st: 24 pts
2nd: 20 pts
3rd: 17 pts
4th: 15 pts
5th: 14 pts
6th: 13 pts
7th: 12 pts
8th: 11 pts
9th: 10 pts
10th: 9 pts
11th: 8 pts
12th: 7 pts
13th: 6 pts
14th: 5 pts
15th: 4 pts

Starters are defined as a driver that passes the start finish line at least once (including drop of green flag)