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F1 Facts

F1 Fact
WHEN DID REAR ENGINED CARS COME OUT? --- The 1st rear engined car to come out was the JAP powered T12 entered by Harry Schell at Monaco in 1950. The next car after that was Helmut Klodwig's BMW Klodwig Eigenbau Heck entered the 1952 German Grand Prix at the Nordscliefe. In 1961 all cars had become rear engined with Ferrari developing a new rear-engined V-6 car that would dominate 1961. The Championship race became a battle between Ferrari team-mates Phil Hill and Wolfgang von Trips. However at Monza von Trips was killed after tangling with Jim Clark early on in the race. Von Trip's car careered off into a spectator area and a dozen of the crowd were also killed.Phil Hill won the race and, with no other driver close enough to overhaul his points total, the Drivers' Championship was also his. He ended the season just one point ahead of his deceased team-mate von Trips with Ferrari of course winning the Constructors' title. --- Sourced from


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